Ground resistance and soil resistivity measurements, testing, analysis, and modeling course

This course to be held 7/6/17 to 7/7/17 and the cost is approximately $1,000/person. It will be held in Portland/Vancouver area; attendees responsible for lodging, travel, and meals.  Please send in registration requests via general e-mail here or via phone (360) 553-7303) by June 15, or until availability lasts.  Limit 25 attendees.

Class held by Lyncole XIT Grounding, an industry recognized leader in ground resistance, soil resisitivity measurements, and ground grid design for utility substations.

About the Course:

One of the most easily misunderstood, yet crucial parts of any utility system, is the grounding system upon which protective relays, equipment safety, and personnel safety rely. Grounding system installation is important for the safe operation of power systems, and soil resistivity is an important grounding system design consideration. The resistance value is determined by the resistivity of soil with which these electrodes are in contact, and can vary significantly for different soil types due to moisture content and temperature. This course aids engineers, operators, and maintenance testing personnel in understanding concepts relating to providing and maintaining a safe grounding system.