Many times, our customers need a more cost effective method to restore their apparatus back into service. For those times when you need to just ship equipment out for servicing, Specialty Engineering can be counted on to provide the necessary service.

Typical Reasons Our Customers Need our Shop Services

  1. Voltage regulator, recloser, or breaker that has misoperated but the customer has no way to accurately diagnose the root cause of the malfunction.
  2. Unable to disassemble the equipment to perform critical inspections and tests to diagnose problems.
  3. Unable to procure and install replacement parts and retest to confirm corrective actions are completed and approved for service.
  4. Aging voltage regulator, recloser, or breaker that needs some preventative maintenance testing and/or repair.
  5. Apparatus that can be removed from service for a period of time while testing, diagnostics, and repairs are conducted in the shop.
  6. Where disassembly of apparatus in the field would expose sensitive equipment components to environmental conditions that are intolerable.
  7. Where field services would most likely be more costly than shipping equipment to the shop and/or cost more than the equipment is worth.
  8. Upgrade regulator or recloser controllers.
  9. Upgrade single phase oil-filled reclosers to vacuum bottle reclosers.
  10. Apparatus that has been in long term storage and it's not certain that the apparatus is approved for use on the system.


Specialty Engineering offers to its customers several shop services including refurbishing high voltage regulators, reclosers, and breakers. Additionally, the shop offers complete customer support for substation apparatus maintenance, troubleshooting, or repair. Even though we are an authorized Cooper Service Center for Cooper/Eaton apparatus, we also service Siemens, GE, and ABB products.

Below are some of the services that our shop provides on a regular basis:

  1. Single and three phase 5kV to 25kV Voltage Regulator multi-point inspection, testing, maintenance repairs, and painting.
  2. Single and three phase 15kV to 38kV Recloser multi-point inspections, testing, maintenance repairs, and painting.
  3. Regulator and recloser controller inspection, testing, repair (Siemens type MJ-X, Cooper CL series, Cooper up to Form 6 series, SEL-351R, SEL-651R).
  4. Three phase 5kV to 38kV Breakers multi-point inspections, testing, and maintenance repairs.
  5. UL Industrial and utility control and/or protection panel design and construction.
  6. Oil-filled apparatus oil processing to remove objectionable moisture content.

All shop services come with a final report.


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Specialty Engineering has administered reliable service for comprehensive testing, maintenance and repair of high voltage systems throughout Oregon, Washington, and Alaska since 1981.