About Us

Specialty Engineering was founded in 1981 with the goal of providing our clients with outstanding customer service, reliable testing, and comprehensive maintenance that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. With over 35 years of experience providing high voltage testing and maintenance services in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, California, Southwest, and even internationally. Specialty Engineering has the ability to find innovative solutions for our clients in areas that range from NETA standards based testing services, to substation apparatus repair, relay upgrades, SCADA upgrades, substation construction services, and much more! Below is a brief listing of just some of what we provide to our customers.


Specialty Engineering, along with its sister companies, has provided electrical, mechanical, and structural engineering services to its clients for decades. We bring in our partners to provide environmental, civil, and architectural services when needed.

Below are some of the engineering services we provide:

  1. Substation design, which includes ground grid design (by gathering of soil resistivity, we develop a CDEGS software model conforming to IEEE 80), coordination studies, arc flash studies, complete construction/bid-ready drawing, and specification package assembly.
  2. NERC compliance reviews.
  3. Full SCADA/PLC automation and implementation of heavy industrial plant or utility process control systems. This includes development of custom HMI screens per customer specifications, updating or maintaining existing SCADA equipment and software, and troubleshooting existing systems and implementing corrections or repairs.
  4. Transmission and distribution line design per RUS or customer standards.
  5. Provides power plant bid-ready design packages for the following types of plants: hydro electric, prime or standby diesel engine generation, prime or standby natural gas turbines, coal fired steam generation plants, wind farms and complete PLC/SCADA automation systems to integrate and maximize renewables onto the utility grid.
  6. Troubleshooting, diagnostics, and repair of electrical power generation or substation equipment, relays, and controls.


Specialty Engineering, along with its sister companies, has provided electrical, mechanical, and structural construction services to its clients.

Below are just some of the things we do:

  1. Low voltage substation control and protection wiring.
  2. High voltage substation construction.
  3. Mechanical piping construction and fitting for hot water, steam, fuels, air, and HVAC systems and associated appurtenances.
  4. Welding and structural steel construction.
  5. Concrete and carpentry construction.
  6. Controls, automation, and instrumentation systems integration and construction.

Acceptance and Maintenance Testing Services

Whether you have new construction or are maintaining an existing facility, Specialty Engineering provides comprehensive testing and commissioning services using the latest NETA Acceptance or Maintenance Testing Standards (ATS or MTS).

Service Is Our Speciality

At Specialty Engineering, service and responsiveness has always been our greatest strength, and one of the primary reasons why our clients keep returning year after year. When you select Specialty Engineering as your high voltage equipment testing and maintenance services provider, you'll discover firsthand what so many of our clients already know from experience - at Specialty Engineering, Service is our Specialty.

Our Family of Companies:

Specialty Engineering belongs to a family of companies that also includes Engineered Solutions GroupElectric Power Systems, and Dryden & LaRue. Specialty Engineering is proud to be a member of the Northwest Public Power Association and a Cooper Power Services Authorized Service Center.Specialty has ability to provide (through its affiliate companies) Basler certified installation, commissioning and testing engineers as well as provide IEEE 115 acceptance and testing.


Specialty Engineering
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Specialty Engineering has administered reliable service for comprehensive testing, maintenance and repair of high voltage systems throughout Oregon, Washington, and Alaska since 1981.