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As an industry leader in the testing of high voltage equipment, our team at Specialty Engineering offers a wide range of comprehensive NETA based field testing services. Our team of engineers and technicians stay actively involved in the evaluation and improvement of test procedures, test equipment, and knowledge of all new or older substation apparatus.

  • Protective relay testing (electro-mechanical, solid state, or digital) of all major manufacturers including Schweitzer (SEL), ABB, GE, Basler.
  • Breakers of all kinds from low to high voltage including molded case, power breakers with trip units, SF6, vacuum, and oil filled testing, maintenance, and repair.
  • High voltage circuit switchers testing, maintenance, and repair.
  • High voltage reclosers testing, maintenance, and repair.
  • Oil-filled high voltage regulator, load tap changer testing, maintenance, and repair (controller replacements, bushings, gaskets, aux relays, drive motors, holding switches, terminal blocks, etc.).
  • Oil-filled transformer testing, maintenance, and repair (i.e. bushing and gasket replacements, ancillary device replacements, replace leaking valves, weld/epoxy repair of leaks, etc.).
  • Transformer dressouts.
  • 48VDC through 125VDC battery bank testing, maintenance, and repair.
  • Generator testing, commissioning, maintenance, and repair.
  • New equipment and maintenance planning.
  • Startup, testing, and commissioning of substations, prime and standby power plants, industrial high and low voltage switchboards, switchgear, breakers, transformers, and cables,
  • Infrared scanning, analysis, and reporting.
  • Vacuum oil processing.
  • Oil testing and analysis.
  • Revenue meter testing (electro-mechanical or digital).
  • Full comprehensive reporting of all tests performed, as-found/as-left test results, work performed (tuning, tightening, lubrications, realignments, etc.), recommendations, test data forms, and electronic files forms upon request.

Specialty Engineering conducts our tests and inspections to nationally and internationally recognized standards and codes such as:

  1. IEEE
  2. ASTM
  3. ANSI
  4. NETA
  5. NFPA
  6. NEC
  7. NESC
  8. NERC
  9. WECC
  • Transformer turns ratio testing.
  • Power factor dissipation transformer oil, overall, and bushings.
  • Transformer winding resistance.
  • Transformer insulation/polarity index.
  • Transformer % impedance.
  • Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA).
  • Test ancillary devices (winding temp, oil level, oil temp, sudden pressure, pressure, overtemp alarms and forced air cooling fans, etc.).
  • Transformer Visual/Mechanical Inspections.
  • Oil testing and analysis (dissolved gas analysis (DGA) for seven critical gasses, metals, furons, moisture, insulation).
  • CT ratio, burden, insulation, excitation, saturation, knee points, phase deviation, winding resistance, polarity, and demagnetization.
  • PT ratio, insulation, polarity.
  • Generator Rotor, Stator, Brushless and Brushed Exciters, governors, regulators visual, mechanical, electrical inspections, testing, and repair.
  • Battery bank services include load testing, cell voltage, impedance (strap and cell), specific gravity, clean, and add water. We also have the ability to provide temporary DC power to the plant while a battery bank is offline for testing or repairs and maintenance.
  • Breaker primary current injection to verify TCC curve match.
  • Circuit switcher and breaker timing, insulation, contact resistance, vacuum bottle integrity.
  • SF6 gas moisture and leak detection analysis.
  • Cable insulation and continuity.
  • Dielectric strength "Hipot" of cables.
  • Ground grid resistance and continuity testing.
  • Soil resistivity testing.
  • Relay timing, I/O logic, and integrity testing.
  • Revenue meter accuracy testing.

We use widely recognized and accepted test equipment from the following manufacturers:

  1. Megger
  2. Doble Engineering Company
  3. Vanguard Instruments Company, Inc.
  4. Phenix Technologies
  5. Fluke
  6. Omicron
  7. Manta Test Systems
  8. Advanced Geosciences Inc.
  9. DILO
  10. Vacudyne

We design our multi-year Electrical Maintenance Programs (EMP) based entirely on our client's individual needs following NFPA 70B standards. When determining the optimal schedule for the testing of your equipment, our team of technicians rely on their experience in the public utility industry to create the ideal plan that perfectly meets your needs.

Our Electrical Maintenance Programs include:

  • The prompt replacement of any defective parts found during our routine maintenance or testing.
  • A detailed examination of high-stressed parts such as switches, oil, bushings, insulators, transformers, and circuit breakers.
  • An active list of equipment identified as potentially at-risk of malfunction.
  • Detailed record-keeping of past and future planned maintenance reviews.


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Specialty Engineering has administered reliable service for comprehensive testing, maintenance and repair of high voltage systems throughout Oregon, Washington, and Alaska since 1981.