Voltage Training School 2019

Specialty Engineering and COOPER Power Systems presents:

Voltage Regulator School 2019


Course Descriptions

Sometimes, there’s just no substitute for digging in and getting your hands dirty. There’s also no substitute for learning from the best. So when it comes to getting the most out of using and maintaining step-voltage regulators, it just makes sense to turn to the people who design and build the best in the business: Cooper Power Systems, makers of industry-leading McGraw-Edison® Voltage Regulators.

Presented by Cooper Power Systems and Specialty Engineering, Inc., this course consists of three days of hands-on training sessions and lectures on the testing, troubleshooting and repair of voltage regulators. Participants are encouraged to share their own experiences and work with instructors to develop solutions to specific maintenance and repair problems they have encountered on the job. The class will also feature Cooper’s new CL-7 control, programing and operation.

Workshop Format

In Three Days, You Will Learn

Theory and Applications

  • Definition of voltage regulators
  • Methods of voltage support
  • Regulator types (ANSI A&B)
  • Schematic (Auto Transformer to SVR) Definitions (ANSI, BIL, etc.)
  • Connections: Wye, Open Delta, Closed Delta
  • Cascading/time delay coordination


  • Nameplate
  • Basic control
  • Advanced control
  • Control set-up exercise

Operation and Maintenance

  • Receiving, installation and maintenance
  • External/internal features
  • Troubleshooting and schematics
  • Test procedures
  • Tap changers
  • Troubleshooting and tap changer exercise
  • Un-tanking exercise


  • Control Replacement Assembly (CRA)
  • Service parts manual
  • CCI Interface Program
  • Data reader

Course Benefits

Cooper Power Systems offers you factory authorized technical expertise, as well as years of hands-on, in-the-field experience. The result is a unique combination of technical know- how and practical problem-solving skills that participants use every day in their operation of equipment, and repair and maintenance programs.

Who Should Attend

You’ll learn how regulators work, and how to keep them working well.

Anyone who works in electrical transmission and distribution will benefit in some way from knowing the ins and outs of step-voltage regu- lators. In particular:

  • Utility Maintenance Personnel
  • Utility Operations Personnel
  • Repair Shop Personnel
  • Safety Training Personnel
  • Distribution System Engineers


Register Early: Space is limited to 25 participants and is reserved upon receipt of payment. Substitutions can be made up to the time of the course.


Tuition is $1,385.00, which includes:

  • Your instruction
  • An extensive McGraw-Edison® Step-Voltage Regulator Training Manual
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Refreshments
  •  Raffle


Attendees are responsible for their own hotel, transportation and personal expenses. This year’s class will be held at the Red Lion Hotel on the River, Jantzen Beach. Daily class, lodging rooms and meals are all onsite of this property. We were able to negotiate a special room rate for students at $109.00/night. Free shuttle services available, close to restaurants, shopping and MAX light rail stations.



Red Lion Hotel on the River
909 N Hayden Island Drive
Portland, Oregon 97217


Jan 29, 30 & 31, 2019

Additional Information

For additional information and to register for the class please contact:
Nicole Slattery at  [email protected] Phone: 360.553.7311 Fax: 360.693.0592


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